Trends: the 5 most engaging visual formats for 2019

The video and its power of engagement will not have escaped you in 2018. In Instagram or virtual reality, this format has taken over visual communication. Will things be different next year? Suspense… Here are the 5 visual formats to watch out for to stay trendy in 2019.

The live video

To all those who thought they could escape the livestream, it is time to face the facts. Facebook Live, Periscope, Livestream: live video platforms are emerging as the fastest growing broadcasting channels. The livestreaming market, estimated at $30 billion in 2016, is expected to exceed $70 billion in 2021. This development is driven by a change in video consumption habits on social networks. In 2016, 81% of Internet users consumed more live music than in 2015. On Facebook Live, videos are watched three times longer than traditional formats, and generate twelve times more engagement 1. Live is the format that goes up, that goes up…

The educational snack video

In recent months, a new trend has been exalting visual marketers: short, educational video, better known as “video à la Brut” after the name of the web medium that made it popular. Its particularities? Video extracts from image banks interspersed with the same ones, and surmounted by quickly readable texts. On Brut’s Youtube channel, the formats cumulate between 100,000 and 2 million views. Among the brands that embrace the format are Air Liquide for its CH2ange campaign, General Electrics and GE Reports communications.

The stopmotion

We are witnessing a real return to grace of the beloved child of visual communication: the stop-motion, or image by image. From Paul Grimault’s turntable and Ray Harryhausen’s skeletons, this visual format is a bit like our Proust madeleine. And the brands have understood this well. On October 30, 2017, Instagram announced the creation of a new feature for its Stories: users will now be able to easily create stop-motions and share them with their subscribers. Proof that 2018 will have to count on stop-motion.

The 360° video

Since 2016, 360 video has gradually imposed its law in the field of immersive visual formats. Long reserved for major car brands and specialized companies in the travel sector, it is now becoming more and more popular. Thanks to simpler video equipment and visuals provided by image banks, it is now possible to try this format with reasonable budgets. The format is expected to be all the more popular as Facebook encourages its use on its new advertising medium Canvas.

The figurative illustration

We thought it was overtaken, over, forgotten, forgotten, car tidy: mistake! The illustration will be the pleasant surprise of 2018, but only if it is signed by professional artists. Some brands have already made this a differentiating argument, with French chocolate imposing its offbeat and qualitative image by calling on guest artists. Engie, for its part, is adopting a more digital graphic language with its Daily Experts. Let’s bet that many brands will invest in illustration in the coming year.

Which of these trends will you apply to your next visual marketing campaigns?